Company Profile

Shri Shail Herbs is based in Nagpur (Maharashtra, India) and is known as the reliable Medicinal Herbs Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesale Supplier. We offer fresh medicinal herbs from cultivated farms, raw herbs in dried form, powders of few herbs, oils made from farm fresh herbs and saplings and seeds from our nursery. The company initiated with a nursery of 80 herbs and developing seed plots in the herbal garden. Furthermore, it is well managed by our mentors Dr. Vrunda Kate and Mr.Rajendra Kale. We also perform contract farming through an NGO-UPAVAN.

Its a Social Entrepreneurship venture, where in grass root collectors, small and marginal farmers are given maximum returns for their hard work and sincere efforts in supplying genuine raw material.

Our Resources
We have an excellent backing of resources that enables us to meet the varied demands of the clients. Our nursery has more than 200 species for propagation. In addition, we add new species after getting identified by botanists. Moreover, we are planning to set up our own testing laboratory with an aim to supply cultivated quality raw material. Our entire work is research based, thus all the areas of medicinal plant sector are covered under one roof such as :
  • Medicinal Herbs Nursery
  • Farms cultivating medicinal herbs
  • Licensed Powdering unit
  • Qualified persons for proper identification of herbs/ saplings

Our Specialties
The company is accredited for its special features. Some of them are mentioned below :
  • We have the policy to meet the desired standards of quality.
  • We provide seeds and saplings of medicinal species.
  • We offer clean and unadulterated raw material.
  • We have complete technical knowhow regarding medicinal species cultivation, plantation on hedges, wasteland and even inter cropping with regular species.
  • Fresh herbs are offered depending on the requirement of the clients with bookings at an initial stage of crop.
  • We also offer a buy back agreement for the purchase of raw material.

Our Major Achievements
The company has performed glorious tasks and thus gained prominence around the world.
  • It is associated with various self-help groups and non-governmental organizations for generating additional income in rural areas and supplementary income through cultivation practices and collection of raw materials.
  • The company has to its credit 1st award for Good Cultivated medicinal crop by Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola.
  • Training for medicinal plant cultivation and collection.
  • Farmers in Vidarbha region are in dire need of additional income. We have made efforts to generate this supplementary income by plantation of medicinal herbs. We wish to create income generation opportunities for the Marginal and land less labor by cultivation and collection of herbs respectively.
  • The focal point is offering the qualitative range of medicinal herbs and raw material. The business presence spans over a decade, the company has gained huge prominence in the market. Consequently, a broad based business network is built that is spread all over India and overseas.
  • Training for good cultivation practices and good collection practices in medicinal plant sector is given by our associated NGO UPAVAN. (Meaning man made forest).
  • Complete satisfaction of the customers is our motto.
  • We cater to the needs of our clients from Research Institutes, Pharmacies, Ayurved and Pharmacy College, Farmers interested in cultivation and plantation of herbs.

Our Clientele :
We have a long list of esteemed and satisfied clients that includes :
  • Natural remedy
  • Umalaxmi Kisalaya
  • Green Pharmacy, Pune
  • Rasashala, Pune.
  • Ayurveda Pratishthan, Nashik

Nursery :
  • Saplings and planting material is also given in bulk quantities for plantation and cultivation purpose.
  • We offer Abelmoschus moschatus along with Abrus precatorius, Acorus calamus, Alstonia scholaris, Bacopa monnieri, Aloe barbadensis, Crateava magna, Cassia, Ficus sp, Gymnema sylvestre, IndigoferatTinctoria, Lepidium sativum, Mucuna pruriens, Nyctanthes arbor Tristis, Ocimum sp, Palmarosa, Rauvolfia serpentina, Solanum sp, Tinospora cordifolia, Withania somnifera, etc.
  • This range is appreciated for its freshness and quality.

Why Shri Shail Everything under one roof : We cater to all your needs in medicinal plant sector.

We Supply :
  • Fresh medicinal herbs.
  • Raw herbs in dried form
  • Powders of few herbs.
  • Oils made from farm fresh herbs.

Our Strength :
Location Nagpur is centrally located in India and has very good network of road, rail and air. Linkage with Self help groups and traditional collectors.

Mission :
  • To provide quality raw material mentioned in texts to doctors practicing Ayurveda and
  • To supply bulk quantities of authentic and standard material, consistently to pharmaceutical companies manufacturing herbal Ayurvedic drugs.

Our Aim :
To supply standard material within said parameters, consistently.

Our Services :
We offer consultancy for :
  • Identifying herbs in your area
  • Good cultivation practices
  • Proper collection of herbs and storage practices.
  • Plantation of herbs for home herbal garden or for institutes.


Name of Partners Dr. Vrunda Kate & Mr. Rajendra Kale
Year of Establishment 1998
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier & Service Provider
Number of Employees 20
Market Covered India, U.A.E., Yemen & Oman